Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (8/22)

A damned woman whose name is not mentioned

      1. I am a damned woman. I have appeared to a friend, she was a believer. It is written in “DRM.” We are still five! I am here from the time an evil curse was cast on Analyze.


      “DRM” “Deutchlands rettende Macht” - Power that saves Germany. It was the name of the paper of the followers of the then deceased baker Gunther, the organizer of the pilgrimages. The fate of the damned woman was also published in a very much circulated booklet: “Letter from the nether world” or “I am damned” (with imprimatur).
      One asks why these women were damned? The woman who has spoken through Analyze, on her wedding day, received the blessing of the Church, but afterward, in her matrimony she lived according to the modern ideas of enjoying life.
      She never found time for Holy Mass, not even on Sunday. Instead of the Mass she would have excursions. Hence, she saw the church only from outside. Naturally, children were a nuisance for one who was living in liberty. This woman had no opposition from her husband. They lived together until suddenly death separated them, due to an accident. She did not have a single second to reflect, to repent and to be converted. By keeping far from God, she led a life of her own. This lack of communication with God, remained so even after death. Damned for all eternity.
      She narrated all this to one of her friends in the past in a dream pointing out the day and the place of the accident. The research done confirmed what was seen in the dream. (Garda Lake, summer 1937). Most probably, a great number of women were inside Analyze together with the woman we have spoken about. They also lived a modern life without God!

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Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (7/22)

Fleischmann speaks of himself

      1. I am the sixth of the gang, and precisely a damned priest. I was a parish priest at Ettleben. I am damned. It is horrible down there. Judas has pulled me down here.

      2. I kept faithful to Judas.

      3. I am damned because I fulfilled my duties very badly.

      4. When one is damned, his task is to be the ruin of other souls.

      5. I am eternally damned. The sufferings are frightful and most grave.

      6. I have killed one person, and I had women.

      7. Exorcist: why have you done it?
      Fleischmann: Because my duty was so heavy! I have prayed too little. I was always in a hurry to finish my sacred duties. Now, I am down there languishing for eternity!

      8. You priest, if you knew of what power you are invested! But you do not want to have it!

      9. I am to be pitied; but now we can no longer wish (there is no more remedy).


      The research made to this respect by the parish Priest Alt, discovered that there was a parish priest named Fleischmann, from 1572 to 1575, at Ettleben.
      The parish priest was forced to abandon the old rectory, because the evil spirits and dreadful apparitions made impossible to live in it.


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (6/22)

Hitler speaks of himself and of men

      1. I have killed so many. I have done away with the crucifixes, and now I am damned.

      2. Men are so beastly stupid! They believe that after death all is finished. But life goes on, either Up or down there.


      Hitler had the crucifixes taken off from the schools. There are many people who do not believe that Hitler is damned because, to their mind, he made many good things, ex., he has provided work and bread to millions of unemployed people, he imprisoned the delinquents and put them under control, so that people could live peacefully etc.
      However, nothing is said of the fact that there was no more unemployment in order to prepare the second world war and that the delinquents were set free to be torturer in the concentration camps.


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (5/22)

Cain speaks of himself
(Son of Adam and Eve)

1. I have killed my brother. I am burning.


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (4/22)

Nero speaks of himself

      1. I am the third of the gang. I too am hidden down there.

      2. I have killed the Christians and besides I have lived a dissolute life.


      1-2 Nero, born in 37 after Christ, was emperor of the Romans from 54 to 68. He persecuted the Christians. Under his reign Peter was crucified, and Paul was beheaded. In 59 Nero poisoned his mother and had his wife strangled. He ended committing suicide.


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (3/22)

Judas speaks of himself
and of other demons of hell

      1. He repeats three times: I am damned for eternity! You careless people, if you could just imagine what it is to be damned for eternity! I am damned!

      2. I hanged myself, because I was in despair and I had betrayed Him.
      Exorcist: Why have you betrayed Him?
      Judas: Because I needed money.

      3. I do not want to come out (of Analyze), where could I go?

      4. Because of that one (Lucifer), I am in the hole. That dog has pulled me down!

      5. The Nazarene died for this society. But I take enough from them every day! The majority does not believe!

      6. I have kissed this Nazarene. This Nazarene let himself be crucified: because of this, the majority come to hell, even parish priests!

      7. I am the father of lies. I lie, as if compelled to do so. But that one (he turns his eyes upward) compelled me to tell this to you (the truth).

      8. I will not come out of the girl, down there, the torment is too great.

      9. The great majority no longer believes in me (in my existence). The most reverend parish priests no longer say anything (of me, of the devil).

      10. Exorcist: Are you the one who instigate the Freemasons to celebrate the black masses?
      Judas: Yes, We are now working very hard on it!

      12. Exorcist: I have said that you are at St. Damian.
      Judas: Yes. I can be everywhere, at the same time.
      Exorcist: God alone! One of the many lies.

      13. If I could, I would stay on my knees day and night before that one (the Virgin Mary).

      14. Exorcist: Mary will crush your head.
      Judas: Yes, but not yet!

      15. There are not two truths: (the truth is one), then we try with lies. Truth is up there.

      16. I will not come out of the girl! Down there, it is too tormenting.

      17. Also the other is now beside me, the one who was hanging on the cross near Him. He refuses to tell the name.

      18. We shall fight for every soul.

      19. We want to come out of hell.


      1. One Sunday, a preacher of Nuremberg said at the Radio-Television: “Personally, I do not believe that Judas is damned, because he repented of his fault.”
      He has repented of the betrayal of Christ, yet, we should also see the reason for which he repented: if for love toward Christ or else because he became a traitor in the eyes for the Jews, and as such he was despised. While, Peter, instead, repented in the innermost of his heart for his denials of Christ and found forgiveness. Judas instead doubted of the merciful love of Jesus and in his despair committed suicide, hanging himself, and thus he added a second fault to himself, which, at the moment of death, he was no longer capable to erase with repentance.
      Jesus called Judas “son of perdition” and told him that it would have been better he had never been born. Jesus would not have said this of one who, perhaps only at the Last Judgment, would be admitted at the Vision of God in Heaven.

      17. Anna Katherine Emmerich, in her visions, saw in the robber at the left side a traitor and a corruptor of the one at the right side.
      Both thieves blasphemed against Christ, according to the words of the Gospel. But, later, the one at the right, moved by Jesus' patience, in his sufferings, repented, bore the tremendous sufferings of his crucifixion as atonement for his crimes. On the other hand, the robber on the left side received the same punishment, but continued to blaspheme God and died impenitent. The robber at the right, according to Jesus' promise, was able to be in paradise on the same day of his death.


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (2/22)

Lucifer speaks of himself,
of other demons and of hell

      1. I am damned because I did not want to serve the Lord. I wanted to be the Lord, even though, I am a creature.

      2. I was in heaven and precisely in the Choir of that one who is on the table (the Archangel St. Michael).

      Exorcist: “You could be among the Cherubs!”
      Answer: “Yes, and I was also this.”

      3. I am, now, the highest down there. St. Michael hurled me there. Now I cannot hurt him any longer, but the whole hell belongs to me.

      4. I want to conquer the earth for myself. In the meantime, I make a rich booty. I am filling up my kingdom. I take whatever I can take, you have to convince yourselves of it.

      7. Do you know why I fight so much? Because I was hurled down due to men.

      8. Do you know who has the command in the world, today? The one who sacri fices himself on earth? I am! The majority have abandoned the Nazarene. How foolish! Those still faithful are a small flock.

      9. I never keep my promises.

      10. I am still the cause of enmity between one another... I am the devil!

      11. I am bound to say even more. “If “that one” did not oppress me so much! The Dame has trampled upon my head.

      12. I tell the truth, if she compels me.

      13. I took Judas with me! He is always at my service. He is damned. He could have saved himself, but he has not followed the Nazarene.

      14. The Nazarene forgives always, if... “That one” (The Virgin Mary) often told it to him, that he had to amend himself.

      15. Exorcist: Would he do it again? Answer: No, never.

      16. Judas had many followers!

      17. Among us there is no repentance, for ever! Never a rest. Rest and peace are up there (in paradise).

      18. Do you know what a burning fire is there below?

      19. Among us there is no obedience! This exists only up there.

      20. There is no return from there! Never, for al1 eternity! No one returns from there! There is no love, among us, there is only hatred. We have no peace, never. We fight one another. We too want to go up there!

      21. The enemies of the Church belong to us.

      22. Pride brings men to ruin.

      23. When the world ends, we shall continue. Then things will become much worse. O, If you had an idea of how things stand there below! The visionary children of Fatima have seen it. If you had an idea as how things stand down there, you would be on your knees day and night at... (Tabernacle). I had to say it because the High Lady compels me to do it.


      1-7. According to the expression of a Demon, in a previous case of obsession. Lucifer turned against the plan of God, to rise from the human race would come the Savior from Her, and precisely from the Virgin Mary.

      8. Christ himself called Satan prince of the world.

      13-14. It coincides totally with the visions of Anna Katherine Emmerich.

      16. Those who collaborate with the enemies of the Church, and try to introduce their ideas in it, are to be considered followers of Judas.

      17-20. St. John Bosco, on 3rd May 1868, narrated a dream to his boys. The guardian angel who was following him, led him to the inside door of hell which seemed to have no end. To the question, “where are we? What is this?”, The guide pointed at the writings on each door, for example: “Where there is no redemption,” “Do part from me, you accursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Mt. 25, 41). Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire (Mt. 3, 10) The Godless will go to fire everlasting. I will set fire to their bodies so that they may burn eternally. They will be tormented day and night for all eternity. Here are found the evil beings of all times. There is no order here, but eternal fear (Jb 10, 22). The thirst in their torments will increase eternally. For the godless there is no peace, but tears and the gnashing of teeth (Mt. 8, 12). Their worm does not die (Mk 9, 43). The Almighty God will give fire and remorse, worms to their bodies so that they may burn and suffer eternally (Jdt. 16-21).
      It was also shown to Don Bosco who, among his pupils were on the way to the abyss, of eternal damnation because of disobedience, sin of impurity, thefts, bad confessions, lack of resolution etc.
      Anna Katherine Emmerich, when her guardian angel showed hell to her, she heard the frightening howling of the damned.
      The young visionaries of Fatima, in their vision of hell, on 13th July 1917, saw the demons in continuous despair.
      Don Bosco was convinced to have seen the reality of hell. When he left that place he was made to touch with his hand the farthest wall from the center of hell. Due to this, he felt the pain of fire and a scar was left on his hand. And his skin peeled off (Don Bosco's dreams.)


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (1/22)


      There are enraged, dark, raving spirits and they exert their influence on men. Hate spurs them on and their passion is to ruin the masterpieces of God, primarily man. They defame, infect and degrade him. What a terrible cruel power this is! We do not wish to be in the room with a dead one, neither with madmen nor poison snakes. Are we to dwell with the devil? He ruins life, soul, education, marriage. Let us therefore hate him. We must not suffer the devil to dwell in our hearts.
      What have we to do with you? The Cain like cold words become a curse and a rebellion on these lips. They have nothing to do with the Redeemer and his Divine Heart! This is the judgment of inexpressible unhappiness! Would any one of us utter this: “What have we to do with you Christ?” Has not in such a one faith, hope, and charity become darkened? Has not the mental balance become shaken already, deeply shaken?
      He who does not look into the sun and who has nothing to do with Christ proceeds slowly but surely along the downward path. The first step is doubts, the second scepticism, the last cynicism. In spite of finery, polished floors, and perfume: “education is not morality.” At every step we find, we experience that the beast shows through the human being in spite of titles, dignities, lace and furs.
      He who does not pay homage to God in his soul becomes the slave of his body. This we believe!
      By an inscrutable plan of God, Analyze was possessed by demons from birth to death. She suffered this suffering till the end of her life. In spite of this continuous hellish torture she kept praying, going to Mass, receiving the Sacraments and saying the Rosary al1 through life. She lived a most holy life and offered her life that souls may not fall into hell.
      How many souls did she save with this suffering? This was God's way for her to save souls, and very many of them! God has his ways to which we have to bow reverently and humbly. What God permits, is always within His love, though, sometime, it is hard for us to understand it.

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Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (HTML)

Satan's Answers to the Exorcist
in the case of Anneliese Michel
Translated by: Fr. Adolf Faroni, SDB
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  2. Lucifer speaks of himself, of other demons and of hell
  3. Judas speaks of himself and of other demons of hell
  4. Nero speaks of himself
  5. Cain speaks of himself
  6. Hitler speaks of himself and of men
  7. Fleischmann speaks of himself
  8. A damned woman whose name is not mentioned
  9. One unnamed of the Third Reich
  10. Statements of the demons during exorcism, especially regarding Analyze
  11. Other things said by the demons against the Exorcist and regarding other persons
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  14. Lucifer on the future
  15. Fleischmann: the Angels
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  17. Lucifer speaks of the “poor souls”
  18. Regarding Abortion
  19. The demons speak about the places of apparitions
  20. Of what do the devils rejoice most?
  21. From the spiritual notes of Analyze
  22. Sister Faustina Kowalska on hell