Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (13/22)

The demons about the conditions of the Church   (2/2)

(Aufträge von Oben durch die Dämonen)

      12. One must pay obedience to the Pope.

      13. The very reverend parish priests should preach from the pulpit what refers me! People should be informed of it!

      14. They should wear the clerical garb (language indecently abusive).

      15. The priests should be recognized as such.

      16. People should go to confession.

      17. The Catholic Doctrine should be announced without falsification, so be it with the doctrine of the Eucharist and of the Immaculate Conception.

      18. Yes, the parish priests should say that I exist. Or else will all go down! The Dame compels me always, because she wants to save the wicked people. However, not everything happens as she wishes, because she says too little in her messages.

      19. The candidates to the priesthood should pray. They should be formed in their own seminaries. They should not go to other universities.

      20. This is the worst: the falsification of the doctrine. The Bishops should turn to Rome for enlightenment!

      21. The majority of people should go to the priest when they are sick. This is the command of the High Dame.

      22. You should pray much, because the punishment will come soon, so that not too many will come to us. Recite the Rosary.

      23. The Communion in the hand should be abolished. This is my work. The Bishop should now forbid Communion in the hands, if he had permitted it before.

      24. Yes, you have to follow the message of Fatima!

      25. The Encyclical Humanae Vitae is decisive, there is no other way! The whole Humanae Vitae!

      26. If this is not done there will be another punishment. You will all crack! It will very bad, especially here in Europe.

      27. The... (The Rosary) should be recited, or else it is the end!

      28. Democracy in the Church is not necessarily the best way! Because obedience is buried. The parochial councils are also not the best thing! The Parish Priests should command. The priests should act according to their conscience, but above all, they should move around with the clergyman. One should pray more to the Guardian Angel because the power of hell is now too great. Men should beg their Guardian Angels to assist them.

      31. Holy Water should come back in the houses! Also the Crucifix should return to its place of honor in the homes.

      32. Priest should easily and ordinarily be recognized as such. If they moved around dressed with their own (clergyman), we would not have so much power on the mob.
      By her order (the Virgin Mary), the five holy wounds should be venerated in a special manner.
      The Holy Face should be venerated! This is commanded by the Nazarene because it is so much disfigured by men! For this reason it should be venerated.

      35. The medal of the Holy face should be venerated. This is ordered by the One who has power over Heaven and Hell. Also the image of the face of Jesus painted by Sister Faustina should be propagated. (God of Mercy).

      37. There, where there is this image, come many blessings, to our great ruin. He Himself has commanded us to tell it, the Nazarene and his Mother.

      38. The priests, too, should venerate the Holy Face. He wishes this earnestly. All the priests and all men should venerate the face of God.

      39. It is very important to pray to St. Joseph; rather, it is most important!

      40. No priest should marry! He is a priest for ever. And with the religious, there is no difference! They should remain faithful to their vocation! Today many are unfaithful.

      41. Priests should enroll in the Eucharistic League of Love.

      42. You should preach more. By order of the One up there, you should warn people of the danger of a world without God.
      They have abandoned the One in whom they could find peace.

Supplementary explanations

      1. The elimination of the altar rails was not ordered by Rome. It is the consequence of Communion in the hands and the choice of some priests.

      4. Since in the exorcisms of Altotting (1971-72) and later in Switzerland the demons had to confess that communion in the hands while standing, was their work.
      In introducing them it was given the excuse of the ancient distribution of Communion. According to the Visions of Anna Katherine Emmerich, Christ, after the institution of the Most Holy Sacrament in the Cenacle, holding the consecrated spices of bread on a kind of tray, Jesus gave them to his disciples and to His Mother on the tongue. (Valtorta and other visionaries and mystics say the same. Afterwards, due to the persecutions against the Christians the way of distributing Holy Communion was changed. In the following centuries, because of the danger of profanation and sacrileges, obligatory communion on the tongue was re-established. To make possible to take the consecrated particle in the hands, the deacon's hands were consecrated.

      On their own initiative, some Bishops have again introduced communion in the hands. About two thirds of the Bishops, questioned by the Pope, all over the world were against Communion in the hands. In spite of this, the abuse remained in the innovations. Pope John Paul II too, is not in agreement with it. And for sure, those in favor of it, did not please the Pope during his visit to Germany.
      How does Christ wish to be received? In a dignified manner, in the state of sanctifying grace and with great fervor! The stigmatized Dominican Mary Columba Schonath, of the convent of St. Sepulcher at Vamberga, on 3-3-1787, and later the stigmatized Crescienzia Hoss of Kauflbeuern (+1744) and the Tertiary stigmatized Theresa Newmann of Konnersreuth (+ 1962) in the absence of a priest, for their great desire of receiving the Eucharist, have repeatedly received the grace of receiving the Eucharist in the presence of witnesses. The Holy Host flew from the tabernacle through the aisle of the church, did not fall in the hand, but directly on their tongue. Christ did not want to be adored in the hand as a common piece of bread, but in the heart and He unites himself to the soul who adores Him!
      Notwithstanding the danger of profanation of the particles, which can fall, and fall on the pavement, there are priests who continue hammering on the head of the faithful that it is the same to receive communion in the mouth or in the hands. If from one side it is easier, on the other hand there are exaggerated pretensions of hygiene or the fear of being infected by bacteria from other persons. As if the bacillus would not be found in many other occasions!
      He who can kneel down should do it on receiving communion, thus showing his own respect and devotion to the Most Holy Sacrament. It happened in Canada, that the Bishop had condemned by the tribunal the faithful who wanted communion on their knees, having appealed to a higher court against the condemnation, the answer was that it is not a crime to adore God. The Bishop said: Yes!

      7. The Dutch Catechism was made by the Modernists and it brings doubts to the truth of faith. (And the Italian one, does not include that God is one, and in Three Persons).

      8. The married priests are divided and cannot completely dedicate to the care of souls. The Apostles and the disciples called by Christ, left everything to follow Jesus Christ. Peter left even his mother-in-law. By renouncing matrimony, priests and religious acquire greater graces for themselves and for the neighbor and for their vocation.

      10. Catholics should not be satisfied to assist at Holy Mass regularly, and recite at home the morning and evening prayers and at the meals. In the morning, at midday, in the evening the bells of the churches invite to think with gratitude on the cooperation of Mary in redemption and the Angelus is recited. And if we reduce our amusements or suspend them altogether, then we can offer to God and also to our future life, greater time, both in communion with others or at home, before a little home altar.
      As we know through many private revelations, after Holy Mass and the devotion to the five Holy Wounds, the Rosary is the prayer most pleasing to God. When about the year 1200, the heresies of the Albingensians had done so much evil to Italy and France, St. Dominic by order of the Pope, preached against these heretics. However, as the preaching was useless, the Virgin Mary appeared to him and gave him the Rosary. With this prayer St. Dominic managed the conversion of 100,000 heretics.
      The battle of Lepanto was won against the Muslims by the use of this prayer ordered by Pope Pius V, and thus Europe was saved from falling under the Arabs' dominion.
      Many Popes, especially in these times, have recommended the Rosary and they have recited it everyday. However, many so called Catholics have little to be proud of it and do not like it even though the Prayer taught by Jesus, the Our Father, and the words of the Angel to Mary, and the Glory Be to the Holy Trinity are part of it. The Rosary is a marvellous meditation on the main mysteries of our faith and the writings of Katherine Emmerich give us much matter for meditation.
      The Rosary is able to reduce the gravity of the threatened and inevitable punishment, the Pope said in 1980, at Fulda (Germany).

      13. Many priests no longer speak of the existence of demons, in part because they are influenced by the heresy of Professor Dr. Haag, and in part because they fear to be ridiculed. There are also theologians who declare that Christ has only spoken of the devil marginally. This people should read the Sacred Scriptures with more attention and then they will realize that the main intent of Christ was the one of liberating us men from the slavery of Satan, and instead of demoniac hatred, to announce and to give the love of God.

      16. Grave sins cannot be remitted by the penitential service, but with personal confession, the auricular confession.

      17. Regarding the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the devotion to the Immaculate Conception, St. John Bosco in one of his dreams saw in the form of images the actual war against the Catholic Church. He saw Peter's boat attacked by many war ships. The Pope at the helm of battleship gathered the Church's boats around the Blessed Sacrament and the Immaculate Conception and rejected and overcame the assaults of the enemy. The enemies' boats fell in an enormous confusion and sunk into the ocean.

      21. On 17th August 1953, the holy Parish Priest blessed Franz Sales Handwercher died at Obershneiding, in Bavaria. He was a priest after the Heart of God who felt to be responsible for every soul of his parish. The greatest part of his faithful, almost everyday, before going to work would come to Mass and Holy Communion in groups. They appreciated his priestly blessing and they would bring to him the sick people who with his blessing would cure. Also animals were cured after his blessing. His right hand with which he would bless and transmit the healing power of the Lord, remained intact after his death. He is buried in his parochial church. Also another parish priest Fr. Gasser in the 18th century Low Baviera, would cure those who had fallen into the spell of demons.

      22. It is absolutely necessary to recite the hymn of the Holy Spirit before preaching.

      29. Children are to be educated and exhorted to do this. A woman who is about to become a mother should invoke the Guardian Angel of her child. One should also pray the Guardian Angels of one's own enemies and have recourse to them to have protection.

      31. The Holy Water is one of the sacramental with which one can weaken the power of the evil one. St. Theresa experienced the power of the Holy Water in her temptations. However, the sacramental can act only if one is in the state of grace. (This last affirmation is a grave one and the catechism does not teach it).

      35. A great protection comes from the Miraculous Medal. It should always remind us as well as the cross, what Jesus did for our redemption.
      As in the Shroud of Veronica (preserved in St. Peter in Rome), so in the Holy Shroud of Turin, Jesus imprinted his Holy Face in a miraculous manner. Scientific researches recently made, reveal that in the Holy Shroud as in the Sudario of Veronica, is fixed as in a book the martyrdom of Christ. Every sign of the dreadful pain caused by the blows received and the crown of thorns, is seen in both of them.

      39. St. Joseph is a good intercessor in every necessity, because he himself had to suffer every kind of pain and worries and had borne them with patience. He is the guardian of the families, of houses and especially of the dying people.

      41. Regarding the Eucharistic covenant of love see page 96: “Lucifer and Barbara Weigand” Explanations.