Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (14/22)

Lucifer on the future

      If the message of the Virgin Mary at Fatima is not given due importance and the Humanae Vitae respected a new punishment will come.

      The punishment will not be long in coming. The punishment will come. The trial (the content of the registered tapes) should be published first.
      Many must still be saved. Especially those that are helped by that one (The Virgin Mary, whose statue is indicated by Analyze).
      The Warning is what precede the rest (the punishment).

      Exorcist: What to do?
      Lucifer: Kneel down and pray!


      As in the past, the punishment threatened by God through the prophets to the Jews: as hunger, war, destruction, prison, exile in foreign lands etc., would take place if men continued to despise God's commandments, so it will also happen to the Christian people, as history shows.

      On 13th April 1917, still during the first World War, the Virgin Mary in her third apparition at Fatima, after showing them hell, told the three shepherds Lucia, Jacinta and Francis:
      “If they will not cease to offend God, during Pius XI pontificate a new war will explode, worse than the first. When, one night you will see the sky enlightened by an unknown light, know that this is the second grandiose sign, that the Lord is giving you, before He will punish the world for all its crimes. The sign appeared the night 25th of January 1938.
      If my desires are listened to, Russia will be converted, or else it will spread its errors all through the world, there will be war and persecution of the Church. The good will be martyrized, the Holy Father will have to suffer much. Several nations will be destroyed.
      “Should we come to the third world war? This will overshadow the first two wars. And yet, it would be so easy to prevent, or diminish this apocalyptic punishment, by listening to the desire of the Mother of God and by ceasing offending God with sins, and be converted. All should make penance, from the street man to the rulers to the last beggar and give thanks to God and to the Virgin Mary for the great mysteries and for the works of Redemption, with the daily recitation of the Rosary.
      All this would cost nothing, perhaps a little time. The huge expenses for armaments could be spared and the money set aside for the needs of the poor. Instead the authorities elected by the people continue worsening. Instead, the killing of innocent creatures, prior to their birth is made legal, without remorse of conscience, and rather despising, the Encyclical Humanae Vitae. The day of the Lord is desecrated, while public delinquency, subversion, robberies, homicides are on the increase...
      The armaments do not save from the punishment of God and do not defend from the horsemen of the Apocalypse. God desires the salvation of men more than their damnation. To this effect, also in our times, through chosen souls, God has given warnings and announced punishments.
      Anna Katherine Emmerich saw the punishment which is impending on us. She speaks of a great upheaval (war) in the final years of our century. The punishment will be preceded according to others announcements, by a warning (as at Garabandal).
      According to the revelations to Enzo Alloci of Porto Santo Stefano, a (wagon of fire will cross the whole universe. But they will not pay attention to this event. They will say that the signs in the sky was something natural and therefore there will come days in which not many will survive.
      The above mentioned parish priest, famous for his blessings, Fr. Handewercher, for fifteen days, had uninterrupted visions which through images were indicating the future events.
      At first he saw a powerful sign from Heaven over cities and villages, freely passing through celestial bodies. As a consequence of this phenomenon of nature he saw more than 1000 wounded men, in great hospitals and soon after a sudden withering and drying of the green and blooming nature, and a great number of people were dying for lack of food. He also saw the welfare of the present time being attacked by a ferocious tiger, while buyer and sellers were tormented, and robbing and killing one another.
      Fr. Handerwercher saw shaking pulpits, to be understood as the gradual diminishing of priests. He also saw confessional boxes thrown in the desert, and the end of all religious services. After this will take place what the holy Bishop Metodio (+ in 885) foresaw: “All the peoples of the North will uprise and will advance toward the West: “These people will free us from the remaining of welfare!”
      The earth was reduced to a mountain of rubble and ruins,” such is the vision of the eleventh day of Handerwercher, as described by him.
      And yet, afterwards life will flourish again and there will be unity in faith under an only Shepherd. Whatever happened before will be seen as diabolical European fighting against the Catholic Church.
      Significantly particular are in this complex and entwining events in Don Bosco's visions. He saw how the sun would often come up and down, since the beginning of the general disorder until its end, from the beginning of the Pope's flight from Rome till his return, which will come before the month of flowers, then there will be a second full moon.
      Then, as it is said by an ancient prophecy, when men will come out crawling from caverns, there will be very few and one will ask to another: “Friend, where did you hide yourself that you are still alive?” And by then this men will have learned to kneel again and to pray with opened arms, their greeting will again be“
      “Blessed, be the Lord Jesus Christ!”

      Lucifer said also to those present at the exorcism that for the time of need they should provide themselves of foodstuff and tell it to the relatives and parents. We can guess that this advice came from above. Naturally Lucifer has added his own part and therefore told a lie, since a demon without a command from on high is not capable to give us an advice truly good. There is no doubt, that as a punishment we will suffer hunger and misery. But what should we understand by the word “soon? Things in this case should be measured as in the prophecies, with a different measuring unity. A high mountains seem very near, though it is very far, we are deceived by the distance. However Lucifer's word are not always to be believed, he is a deceiver and he has never any good intention. However, all Mary's apparitions make us believe that these events are imminent.
      Without doubt, however, the communication made to Mother Graf came from Our Lord on 25th June, 1961, at Appenzell:
      “I have to punish the world with hunger because many men leave the table like dogs and do not know their Master any longer. But those who do the will of my Mother will come out with little punishment. Therefore let us give thanks for the food and drink and let us recite the Rosary for the conversion of sinners. Then much punishment will be lessened and mitigated.