Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (16/22)

Regarding Barbara Weigand

      Lucifer: We have also tormented Barbara Weigand enough.

      The Eucharistic covenant of love should be diffused. This is not done. I beg you to do it. All hell would be against it.
      I do not wish the “love covenant” because it snatches too many souls from us. The One they have knelt on the cross, the one Judas has betrayed, wishes the “love covenant.”

      Besides, it was said by the One who has built the Church. But today they no longer believe in it. She was derided and despised. And yet, unfortunately, it is true. The writings of Barbara Weigand will soon be published. But I will not allow this to be done easily.

      Fr. Renz: Can we still save many souls with our prayers?
      Lucifer: Yes! Also the hardened ones, but then penance is to be done, with sacrifices and with perseverance! Especially, we should adopt a way of living according to the Nazarene! Barbara Weigand has preached this enough. Also this she did not do willingly. And yet she did it! There must be the will to correct and better oneself, and this always!

      Judas: But no one enters the Covenant!

      Judas (he speaks of Barbara Weigand). The one from Schippach is the right person for the renewal.

      Lucifer is not pleased with that one (Analyze) who has copied the writing of Weigand, and I too do not like it. It is sure that the powers of darkness will become ever more powerful. Also this is written inside, and this is true. And it is also true that men will take the places which were left vacant up there, and that we can torment them.
      In this century there will be so many saints as never in the past. However, many also come down there with us, and people do not believe. They all believe that all is well with them and they provide every comfort for themselves. All of them are demons! If they knew! But then, when they will realize it, it will be too late... then, no one will ever come back...!


      Barbara Weigand was a peasant endowed with many graces. She was born on 10-12-1845 and died on 20-3-1943 with the odor of sanctity. She received from the Holy Mother and the Archangel St. Michael revelations aimed at renewing the religious life in general and the life of priests in particular. To this end, she founded the “Eucharistic League of Love.”
      According to the word of Christ, her Celestial Father, there has never been in all humanity any woman, before creation, equal to Mary in the perfection of all virtues. For this reason she was chosen by God to become, one day, the Mother of the Son of God and also rule over the Angels.
      Lucifer took this project as an excuse for rebellion, and this rebellion led him and his followers to damnation. Then God created man, who after the trial, had to take the places that were left vacant by the fall of the angels.
      In the year 1896, Barbara Weigand wrote the revelations she had. Though they could not absolutely be invented by this simple woman, they were not taken seriously by the Church.
      Analyze Michel felt the attraction of these revelation, for which she made annotation for herself. Her interior life was much enriched by these readings and writings.
      Barbara Weigand, built the church of Schippach with her savings. In one occasion when she went to Wurzburg to ask help for the construction of the church she was chased away as a crazy woman. But when, just at the end of the war, many churches were destroyed at Wurzburg and other places, many churches were to be reconstructed.


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (15/22)

Fleischmann: the Angels

      The Guardian Angels are day and night near you, behind you, so that you may follow the Savior. We follow you step by step. We are spirits. Today people do not believe in the Guardian Angels. They are my enemies. I hate them.


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (14/22)

Lucifer on the future

      If the message of the Virgin Mary at Fatima is not given due importance and the Humanae Vitae respected a new punishment will come.

      The punishment will not be long in coming. The punishment will come. The trial (the content of the registered tapes) should be published first.
      Many must still be saved. Especially those that are helped by that one (The Virgin Mary, whose statue is indicated by Analyze).
      The Warning is what precede the rest (the punishment).

      Exorcist: What to do?
      Lucifer: Kneel down and pray!


      As in the past, the punishment threatened by God through the prophets to the Jews: as hunger, war, destruction, prison, exile in foreign lands etc., would take place if men continued to despise God's commandments, so it will also happen to the Christian people, as history shows.

      On 13th April 1917, still during the first World War, the Virgin Mary in her third apparition at Fatima, after showing them hell, told the three shepherds Lucia, Jacinta and Francis:
      “If they will not cease to offend God, during Pius XI pontificate a new war will explode, worse than the first. When, one night you will see the sky enlightened by an unknown light, know that this is the second grandiose sign, that the Lord is giving you, before He will punish the world for all its crimes. The sign appeared the night 25th of January 1938.
      If my desires are listened to, Russia will be converted, or else it will spread its errors all through the world, there will be war and persecution of the Church. The good will be martyrized, the Holy Father will have to suffer much. Several nations will be destroyed.
      “Should we come to the third world war? This will overshadow the first two wars. And yet, it would be so easy to prevent, or diminish this apocalyptic punishment, by listening to the desire of the Mother of God and by ceasing offending God with sins, and be converted. All should make penance, from the street man to the rulers to the last beggar and give thanks to God and to the Virgin Mary for the great mysteries and for the works of Redemption, with the daily recitation of the Rosary.
      All this would cost nothing, perhaps a little time. The huge expenses for armaments could be spared and the money set aside for the needs of the poor. Instead the authorities elected by the people continue worsening. Instead, the killing of innocent creatures, prior to their birth is made legal, without remorse of conscience, and rather despising, the Encyclical Humanae Vitae. The day of the Lord is desecrated, while public delinquency, subversion, robberies, homicides are on the increase...
      The armaments do not save from the punishment of God and do not defend from the horsemen of the Apocalypse. God desires the salvation of men more than their damnation. To this effect, also in our times, through chosen souls, God has given warnings and announced punishments.
      Anna Katherine Emmerich saw the punishment which is impending on us. She speaks of a great upheaval (war) in the final years of our century. The punishment will be preceded according to others announcements, by a warning (as at Garabandal).
      According to the revelations to Enzo Alloci of Porto Santo Stefano, a (wagon of fire will cross the whole universe. But they will not pay attention to this event. They will say that the signs in the sky was something natural and therefore there will come days in which not many will survive.
      The above mentioned parish priest, famous for his blessings, Fr. Handewercher, for fifteen days, had uninterrupted visions which through images were indicating the future events.
      At first he saw a powerful sign from Heaven over cities and villages, freely passing through celestial bodies. As a consequence of this phenomenon of nature he saw more than 1000 wounded men, in great hospitals and soon after a sudden withering and drying of the green and blooming nature, and a great number of people were dying for lack of food. He also saw the welfare of the present time being attacked by a ferocious tiger, while buyer and sellers were tormented, and robbing and killing one another.
      Fr. Handerwercher saw shaking pulpits, to be understood as the gradual diminishing of priests. He also saw confessional boxes thrown in the desert, and the end of all religious services. After this will take place what the holy Bishop Metodio (+ in 885) foresaw: “All the peoples of the North will uprise and will advance toward the West: “These people will free us from the remaining of welfare!”
      The earth was reduced to a mountain of rubble and ruins,” such is the vision of the eleventh day of Handerwercher, as described by him.
      And yet, afterwards life will flourish again and there will be unity in faith under an only Shepherd. Whatever happened before will be seen as diabolical European fighting against the Catholic Church.
      Significantly particular are in this complex and entwining events in Don Bosco's visions. He saw how the sun would often come up and down, since the beginning of the general disorder until its end, from the beginning of the Pope's flight from Rome till his return, which will come before the month of flowers, then there will be a second full moon.
      Then, as it is said by an ancient prophecy, when men will come out crawling from caverns, there will be very few and one will ask to another: “Friend, where did you hide yourself that you are still alive?” And by then this men will have learned to kneel again and to pray with opened arms, their greeting will again be“
      “Blessed, be the Lord Jesus Christ!”

      Lucifer said also to those present at the exorcism that for the time of need they should provide themselves of foodstuff and tell it to the relatives and parents. We can guess that this advice came from above. Naturally Lucifer has added his own part and therefore told a lie, since a demon without a command from on high is not capable to give us an advice truly good. There is no doubt, that as a punishment we will suffer hunger and misery. But what should we understand by the word “soon? Things in this case should be measured as in the prophecies, with a different measuring unity. A high mountains seem very near, though it is very far, we are deceived by the distance. However Lucifer's word are not always to be believed, he is a deceiver and he has never any good intention. However, all Mary's apparitions make us believe that these events are imminent.
      Without doubt, however, the communication made to Mother Graf came from Our Lord on 25th June, 1961, at Appenzell:
      “I have to punish the world with hunger because many men leave the table like dogs and do not know their Master any longer. But those who do the will of my Mother will come out with little punishment. Therefore let us give thanks for the food and drink and let us recite the Rosary for the conversion of sinners. Then much punishment will be lessened and mitigated.


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (13/22)

The demons about the conditions of the Church   (2/2)

(Aufträge von Oben durch die Dämonen)

      12. One must pay obedience to the Pope.

      13. The very reverend parish priests should preach from the pulpit what refers me! People should be informed of it!

      14. They should wear the clerical garb (language indecently abusive).

      15. The priests should be recognized as such.

      16. People should go to confession.

      17. The Catholic Doctrine should be announced without falsification, so be it with the doctrine of the Eucharist and of the Immaculate Conception.

      18. Yes, the parish priests should say that I exist. Or else will all go down! The Dame compels me always, because she wants to save the wicked people. However, not everything happens as she wishes, because she says too little in her messages.

      19. The candidates to the priesthood should pray. They should be formed in their own seminaries. They should not go to other universities.

      20. This is the worst: the falsification of the doctrine. The Bishops should turn to Rome for enlightenment!

      21. The majority of people should go to the priest when they are sick. This is the command of the High Dame.

      22. You should pray much, because the punishment will come soon, so that not too many will come to us. Recite the Rosary.

      23. The Communion in the hand should be abolished. This is my work. The Bishop should now forbid Communion in the hands, if he had permitted it before.

      24. Yes, you have to follow the message of Fatima!

      25. The Encyclical Humanae Vitae is decisive, there is no other way! The whole Humanae Vitae!

      26. If this is not done there will be another punishment. You will all crack! It will very bad, especially here in Europe.

      27. The... (The Rosary) should be recited, or else it is the end!

      28. Democracy in the Church is not necessarily the best way! Because obedience is buried. The parochial councils are also not the best thing! The Parish Priests should command. The priests should act according to their conscience, but above all, they should move around with the clergyman. One should pray more to the Guardian Angel because the power of hell is now too great. Men should beg their Guardian Angels to assist them.

      31. Holy Water should come back in the houses! Also the Crucifix should return to its place of honor in the homes.

      32. Priest should easily and ordinarily be recognized as such. If they moved around dressed with their own (clergyman), we would not have so much power on the mob.
      By her order (the Virgin Mary), the five holy wounds should be venerated in a special manner.
      The Holy Face should be venerated! This is commanded by the Nazarene because it is so much disfigured by men! For this reason it should be venerated.

      35. The medal of the Holy face should be venerated. This is ordered by the One who has power over Heaven and Hell. Also the image of the face of Jesus painted by Sister Faustina should be propagated. (God of Mercy).

      37. There, where there is this image, come many blessings, to our great ruin. He Himself has commanded us to tell it, the Nazarene and his Mother.

      38. The priests, too, should venerate the Holy Face. He wishes this earnestly. All the priests and all men should venerate the face of God.

      39. It is very important to pray to St. Joseph; rather, it is most important!

      40. No priest should marry! He is a priest for ever. And with the religious, there is no difference! They should remain faithful to their vocation! Today many are unfaithful.

      41. Priests should enroll in the Eucharistic League of Love.

      42. You should preach more. By order of the One up there, you should warn people of the danger of a world without God.
      They have abandoned the One in whom they could find peace.

Supplementary explanations

      1. The elimination of the altar rails was not ordered by Rome. It is the consequence of Communion in the hands and the choice of some priests.

      4. Since in the exorcisms of Altotting (1971-72) and later in Switzerland the demons had to confess that communion in the hands while standing, was their work.
      In introducing them it was given the excuse of the ancient distribution of Communion. According to the Visions of Anna Katherine Emmerich, Christ, after the institution of the Most Holy Sacrament in the Cenacle, holding the consecrated spices of bread on a kind of tray, Jesus gave them to his disciples and to His Mother on the tongue. (Valtorta and other visionaries and mystics say the same. Afterwards, due to the persecutions against the Christians the way of distributing Holy Communion was changed. In the following centuries, because of the danger of profanation and sacrileges, obligatory communion on the tongue was re-established. To make possible to take the consecrated particle in the hands, the deacon's hands were consecrated.

      On their own initiative, some Bishops have again introduced communion in the hands. About two thirds of the Bishops, questioned by the Pope, all over the world were against Communion in the hands. In spite of this, the abuse remained in the innovations. Pope John Paul II too, is not in agreement with it. And for sure, those in favor of it, did not please the Pope during his visit to Germany.
      How does Christ wish to be received? In a dignified manner, in the state of sanctifying grace and with great fervor! The stigmatized Dominican Mary Columba Schonath, of the convent of St. Sepulcher at Vamberga, on 3-3-1787, and later the stigmatized Crescienzia Hoss of Kauflbeuern (+1744) and the Tertiary stigmatized Theresa Newmann of Konnersreuth (+ 1962) in the absence of a priest, for their great desire of receiving the Eucharist, have repeatedly received the grace of receiving the Eucharist in the presence of witnesses. The Holy Host flew from the tabernacle through the aisle of the church, did not fall in the hand, but directly on their tongue. Christ did not want to be adored in the hand as a common piece of bread, but in the heart and He unites himself to the soul who adores Him!
      Notwithstanding the danger of profanation of the particles, which can fall, and fall on the pavement, there are priests who continue hammering on the head of the faithful that it is the same to receive communion in the mouth or in the hands. If from one side it is easier, on the other hand there are exaggerated pretensions of hygiene or the fear of being infected by bacteria from other persons. As if the bacillus would not be found in many other occasions!
      He who can kneel down should do it on receiving communion, thus showing his own respect and devotion to the Most Holy Sacrament. It happened in Canada, that the Bishop had condemned by the tribunal the faithful who wanted communion on their knees, having appealed to a higher court against the condemnation, the answer was that it is not a crime to adore God. The Bishop said: Yes!

      7. The Dutch Catechism was made by the Modernists and it brings doubts to the truth of faith. (And the Italian one, does not include that God is one, and in Three Persons).

      8. The married priests are divided and cannot completely dedicate to the care of souls. The Apostles and the disciples called by Christ, left everything to follow Jesus Christ. Peter left even his mother-in-law. By renouncing matrimony, priests and religious acquire greater graces for themselves and for the neighbor and for their vocation.

      10. Catholics should not be satisfied to assist at Holy Mass regularly, and recite at home the morning and evening prayers and at the meals. In the morning, at midday, in the evening the bells of the churches invite to think with gratitude on the cooperation of Mary in redemption and the Angelus is recited. And if we reduce our amusements or suspend them altogether, then we can offer to God and also to our future life, greater time, both in communion with others or at home, before a little home altar.
      As we know through many private revelations, after Holy Mass and the devotion to the five Holy Wounds, the Rosary is the prayer most pleasing to God. When about the year 1200, the heresies of the Albingensians had done so much evil to Italy and France, St. Dominic by order of the Pope, preached against these heretics. However, as the preaching was useless, the Virgin Mary appeared to him and gave him the Rosary. With this prayer St. Dominic managed the conversion of 100,000 heretics.
      The battle of Lepanto was won against the Muslims by the use of this prayer ordered by Pope Pius V, and thus Europe was saved from falling under the Arabs' dominion.
      Many Popes, especially in these times, have recommended the Rosary and they have recited it everyday. However, many so called Catholics have little to be proud of it and do not like it even though the Prayer taught by Jesus, the Our Father, and the words of the Angel to Mary, and the Glory Be to the Holy Trinity are part of it. The Rosary is a marvellous meditation on the main mysteries of our faith and the writings of Katherine Emmerich give us much matter for meditation.
      The Rosary is able to reduce the gravity of the threatened and inevitable punishment, the Pope said in 1980, at Fulda (Germany).

      13. Many priests no longer speak of the existence of demons, in part because they are influenced by the heresy of Professor Dr. Haag, and in part because they fear to be ridiculed. There are also theologians who declare that Christ has only spoken of the devil marginally. This people should read the Sacred Scriptures with more attention and then they will realize that the main intent of Christ was the one of liberating us men from the slavery of Satan, and instead of demoniac hatred, to announce and to give the love of God.

      16. Grave sins cannot be remitted by the penitential service, but with personal confession, the auricular confession.

      17. Regarding the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the devotion to the Immaculate Conception, St. John Bosco in one of his dreams saw in the form of images the actual war against the Catholic Church. He saw Peter's boat attacked by many war ships. The Pope at the helm of battleship gathered the Church's boats around the Blessed Sacrament and the Immaculate Conception and rejected and overcame the assaults of the enemy. The enemies' boats fell in an enormous confusion and sunk into the ocean.

      21. On 17th August 1953, the holy Parish Priest blessed Franz Sales Handwercher died at Obershneiding, in Bavaria. He was a priest after the Heart of God who felt to be responsible for every soul of his parish. The greatest part of his faithful, almost everyday, before going to work would come to Mass and Holy Communion in groups. They appreciated his priestly blessing and they would bring to him the sick people who with his blessing would cure. Also animals were cured after his blessing. His right hand with which he would bless and transmit the healing power of the Lord, remained intact after his death. He is buried in his parochial church. Also another parish priest Fr. Gasser in the 18th century Low Baviera, would cure those who had fallen into the spell of demons.

      22. It is absolutely necessary to recite the hymn of the Holy Spirit before preaching.

      29. Children are to be educated and exhorted to do this. A woman who is about to become a mother should invoke the Guardian Angel of her child. One should also pray the Guardian Angels of one's own enemies and have recourse to them to have protection.

      31. The Holy Water is one of the sacramental with which one can weaken the power of the evil one. St. Theresa experienced the power of the Holy Water in her temptations. However, the sacramental can act only if one is in the state of grace. (This last affirmation is a grave one and the catechism does not teach it).

      35. A great protection comes from the Miraculous Medal. It should always remind us as well as the cross, what Jesus did for our redemption.
      As in the Shroud of Veronica (preserved in St. Peter in Rome), so in the Holy Shroud of Turin, Jesus imprinted his Holy Face in a miraculous manner. Scientific researches recently made, reveal that in the Holy Shroud as in the Sudario of Veronica, is fixed as in a book the martyrdom of Christ. Every sign of the dreadful pain caused by the blows received and the crown of thorns, is seen in both of them.

      39. St. Joseph is a good intercessor in every necessity, because he himself had to suffer every kind of pain and worries and had borne them with patience. He is the guardian of the families, of houses and especially of the dying people.

      41. Regarding the Eucharistic covenant of love see page 96: “Lucifer and Barbara Weigand” Explanations.


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (12/22)

The demons about the conditions of the Church   (1/2)

      1. Judas (To Father Renz):
      That thing that you wear (the cassock), the great majority does not wear it any longer. These modernists are the result of my work and they already belong to me.

      2. They no longer obey the Pope in Rome. It is the one in Rome who still keeps the Church going.

      3. This Encyclical is also with no result, it is useless.

      4. The religious in the monasteries stay before the television and do not pray enough, do not kneel down, and they extend their paws (he intends to say that they receive communion in their hands.)

      5. This is done by everybody, all do the same, from the Bishop to the parish priest. Also the... at... allow them to stand and gives it to them on their paws. (The devil laughs, makes fun and moves around).

      Today, no one believes any longer in the Immaculate Conception.

      6. For this reason they are crushed down, where I too am crushed.

      7. The parish priests are all the same, beastly stupid. They are all pinched by me. In fact, I am the traitor, and the majority are exactly like me. In fact, they too betray the Nazirite.

      8. The one down there (the Pope), he alone still keeps the Church standing. The others, do not follow him, do not obey. Everybody wants to be modern.

      9. The parish priests pray too little, they sit in front of that one... instead of adoring it (The Blessed Sacrament). I already have an entire multitude in my trailer. If they believed in the one down there (the Pope) they would behave better. All act independently, and more, they also believe to be clever.

      10. The Rosary, they do not think it is modern. Even the parish priest does not recite it. He recites the Rosary once a week, and he believes to have worked a miracle having done so. Every day! No! I say nothing! How I wish the One up there did not exist! (The Mother of God.)

      11. The Church? At present, the great part believes that it is only a community. The modernists are killing it ever more. We are hard at work at this, so that it may be drawn, and we throw much poison into the Church, so that it will be drawn. By now, those who believe in the Church and are faithful and believe in her are very few.

      12. The ugly book (pointed out with the usual indecent abusive language,) that is the Dutch Catechism), that they have written is cursed. What is written in the Our Father “and do not lead us into temptation,” it is forged. It is written in James 1-13.

      13. Many believe that after life, everything is finished. They are very many, and they live accordingly, because they do not pray any longer.

      14. Sins reach Heaven: but the thing will not last long. The one of 1917 said it. But a pair only have listened to her. Death, tribulations and famine, O yes, they will come again! The one up there does not keep looking down any longer. But fortunately no one believes in it any longer! So then, we can take so many more with us!

      15. The films are bad and television is not better.

      16. The rails (of communion) are no longer there, in all churches.

      17. No one speaks any longer of us, especially the Rev. Parish Priests.

      I particularly know Kung (theologian) of Tubingen quite well. The Bishops are so foolish as to believe the theologians rather than the Pope.

      18. There is the month of the Rosary but very few recite it, because the parish priests think not to be modern. They are so foolish!

      If they knew its importance!! It is a strong weapon against Satan and against us. I have to say it, unfortunately many do not believe in it.

      19. Nero: The Dutch bishops are heretics. They have become unfaithful to the Pope!

      20. On Sundays, it is good to be in bed and have more rest! I like it! One should pray day and night!

      Lucifer: Until they are in this world all is well with them. Afterwards, no longer!

      Nero: The altar turned to the people comes from the other party (the Modernists), and this was done by us! They followed the Evangelists like so many prostitutes. I say this being ordered from on high.

      22. The Catholics have the true doctrine and they run after the Protestants, like prostitutes! The Catholics give the doctrine of truth away to the pigs, who eat it!

      23. There in the synods, (language indecently abusive) they continue to chat. The Bishops already know what they should do. There would be no need of synods if they followed the Pope. But for them the Pope is foolish! They are those who let that thing (the host) be given in the hands!

      25. The worst thing is this: that the doctrine is falsified in the Church!

      26. You have the power to expel us, to make us come out! But the majority do not care for it.

      27. Many do not go to Church any longer. No one kneel down to the box (Tabernacle). And the Church is not doing well since the time it was founded. The churches are so modern! The Church adapts itself too easily to the world. The Nazarene and his Mother are now attacking! By now, the situation will not last much longer, it will burst soon!

      Fleischmann: At x... they have snatched a host. They presented themselves, they have extended their paws and went away. It was reduced to small particles, rather, more than one host, four. And then they have sold them to one who is at my service! But they have not received much for this! Yes, and how could such thing happen? On the other hand this happens very often! Not only to x... there are still other masses. If the Bishops did not permit communion on the hands, this would not have happened. Perhaps one has to be attentive. By now, this will not go on for a long time, afterwards one will end up in a ditch. This is said by the High Dame!

      Lucifer: Many particles are taken and desecrated, not by you, because it is difficult by you. This is our best amusement, to cause pain to the Nazarene and to his Mother. The responsibility is of the parish priests and the bishops. The Bishop because he has permitted it. I say this by order of the Nazarene and his Mother. Many priests have an uneasy conscience! On one side they have to obey the bishop, and on the other side their conscience!

      Judas: The new Creed now is very different, totally different: “Descended in the kingdom of death.” Thus they deny hell! But if they knew, what beautiful flowers are down there, and they bloom for them! The parish priests too interpret it wrongly! One should say: “He descended to Hell.”

      31. Some no longer have any spark of faith: they belong to me!

      32. The churches are empty! Few go there. They are in bad shape!

      33. Haag! This is a nice fool! If anyone believes in what he says, he fares very badly.


      Pope Paul VI and Pope Paul II have called the attention of priests and religious on the manner of wearing their priestly attire, their monastic habit and thus show their belonging to Christ and their fidelity to their vocation.

      2. When Pope John XXIII, moved by the Holy Spirit, proclaimed the Council, immediately also the "Opponent" (Satan) entered into the fight. One day, together with non-believing observers, some dignitaries who spoke perfect Latin or another language entered into discussion so strongly and determined that they even impressed the Pope. They spoke against some conservative members of the Curia and the Pope's ruling and the papal authority.
      Under Pope Paul VI, they succeeded in having these member put out, and many decisions be entrusted to the local episcopal conference. The introduction of Communion in the hands, against which exactly two thirds of the Bishops of the world had pronounced themselves, it is an example on this matter. It was here where the division started. Through this the smoke of hell and the spirit of rebellion entered the Church.
      However, why should this have happened?
      Jesus Christ after his Resurrection, before entrusting to Peter the ruling of the Church, asked him: “Simon, son of John, do you love me? Do you love me more than these?" Modern translators of the Bible have added to this phrase, the following: “How much do they love me?” Christ, with this question, did not want to know from Peter, if he loved Him more than the other apostles because Peter could not know it, and after his triple denial, Peter would never presume to affirm it. He was asked if his love for Him was greater than the one towards his companion of apostolate. Jesus had prayed for Peter in special manner, before calling him to be his representative and gave him the power to lose or to bind. If then these decision are confirmed also by heaven, it is a sign that they had been decided under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
      Neither the sheep, nor the lambs, not even the disciples were entrusted by Christ, to guide Peter, but viceversa! But the Primacy is for many a thorn in the eye! They wanted a Pope who governs according to the will and opinion of a democratic plurality, rather than the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
      This would cause the ruin of the Church.
      While with the so called liturgical reform - according to the formulary and to the proposal of the Protestants pastors - the prayers of the Mass were notably shortened and made much similar to the prayers of the Protestant Liturgy of the Supper; Already in the World Eucharistic Congress, at Munich of Bavaria, in 1960 was added a form of prayer with which the Protestants at the end of the prayer of the Our Father were judged as Protestants. And thus was made the first step towards the adaptation.
      In a speech to the Italian Congress of Preachers of missions to the people, Pope John Paul II, on February 1981 expressed his profound bitterness. Today's faithfuls, he said with profound sadness, in great number, walk amidst incertitude and error. They are often bewildered, deceived, because doctrines which are contrary to Revelation and to the doctrine taught from of old by the Church, are scattered world wide. Worst of all, in the dogmatic and moral field were diffused true heresies which had the consequence of causing doubt and turning people away from the Church.
      The liturgy too was attacked, for which the faithful are exposed to a free Sociological Christianity without sure dogmas and exposed to a morality without objective values. These words of the Pope can be a comfort to those who, in the actual destructive work of the powers of hell, suffer within the Church.
      The devotion to Mary, practiced also by Luther i s seen as an impediment to ecumenism not only by the Protestants but by the very Catholics. The confessional, and in fact the auricular confession are done away today.
      Mix matrimony is considered a mean of uniting the various religious denomination. By now we no longer see what will be asked from the future generations who will witness the breaking off from faith and the apostasy from the true faith!

      3. Judas means to say that the encyclical “Humanae Vitae,” with the prohibition of the use of the anticonceptional pill was not followed, not taken into account!
      The use of the pill is prescribed by some States to prevent overpopulation. And yet the world can have many more people than what exist today, if there was a just organization. God, in fact, gave to men, the order to grow and multiply and fill the earth. Besides, men have to occupy in Heaven the places lost by the rebellious angels. In any case, we cannot reach heaven with pleasures, but being contented with what we have, with moderation, with laboriousness and a pious life. Those parents who give a Christian formation to their children and a sense of Christian responsibility and do not prevent with sin the blessing of children, (contraception) can be sure that God will assist them in the education of their children. In the families with many children, the children are better educated to work, to simplicity, to subordination etc., better than in the families with one or two children.
      If all men were educated in Christian Doctrine and were convinced, many of them, for the love of the kingdom of heaven would renounce matrimony to devote themselves to the service of God, as priests and religious, to the benefit of their neighbor. Let us also call to mind Jesus's words in St. Mt. (19-12), according to which matrimony is not for all men.
      A great example for the young Catholic, mothers and women of our time, is the peasant Mary Graf (Sutter) - known as “Mother Graf” who died in 1964 at Appenzell, Switzerland. At the beginning she could not decide what state of life to chose, the matrimonial or religious state.
      The words heard during a sermon for a First Mass, that a good priest comes from the chalice of sacrifice of a pious and good mother, the words of Pius X “Give me mothers truly Christian and I will save the world which threaten to collapse” impressed her very deeply.
      She became convinced that those words were directed to her. She asked to be able to find a good youth for her, who, in fact, after a few months led her to the altar.
      Her fourth child was still in the cradle, when he got sick and after two surgical operations died. Of the following four children, another died which left the mother in great desolation.
      Notwithstanding the amount of work in the stable, in the fields and in the meadows, when possible, she would go daily to holy mass in the church of Appenzell, five kilometers away from her home. In this church, on one First Friday, in 1941, she asked the Sacred Heart for health and another child. While she was still in the church she felt free from her ailments. She was cured. And the ninth child became her joy.
      Mother Mary Graf considered her many children a gift of God, who one day would become heir of heaven.
      Christ and His Holy Mother appeared to her several times and made her understand the value of the devotion to the five wounds of Jesus and to the Rosary. Soon after her death answered prayers and healings from illnesses were attributed to her intercession.
      Mother Graf had an extraordinary vision of the punishment which has to come consisting of three days of darkness (72 hours) during which the demons will snatch the souls of the enemies of the Church from their bodies. At that moment she felt a horrible stench as was left by the demons at Klingenberg. (Cite Revelations of the Divine Love Povo di Trento-Italy).

      6. There are religion teachers, who do not know what the words "Immaculate Conception" mean. They ignore that the Mother of God in her conception, that is, before birth, she was already excluded from original sin. Instead of this they teach children that Mary cannot have a baby without a husband.

      12. James 1-13 says: “No one experiencing temptation should say: “I am being tempted by God.” For God is not subject to temptation by the devil, and He himself tempts no one.” I should say, “Do not let us fall into temptation, but free us from sin and from the evil one!”

      14. With the words “that One of 17” is understood the Blessed Virgin Mary in her apparition in 1917 at Fatima to Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, using them to remind men of conversion, prayer and sacrifice for the conversion of sinners. And that the Holy Rosary should be recited everyday and God should never again be offended by sin.

      19. Here it should be understood especially the attitude of great part of the Dutch Bishops in 1975, who opened wide the doors to Modernism.
      On the other hand, the requests asked by the members of the Synod that celibacy be suppressed, the permission to grant the priesthood to married men, to admit women to the priesthood were presented by the Bishop in Rome and also at the Dutch Synod in 1981. These requests were reproposed: this time by the bishops who omitted their recommendation. They were called beforehand to Rome for an Episcopal Synod, during which it was made very clear to them the Church's point of view. Pope Paul VI had already expressed his thoughts and had bitterly lamented the disobedience of the Bishops.

      20. The lessening of churchgoers on Sunday is due to the introduction of the Saturday anticipated Mass. This Mass was granted to those who due to work and commitments could not go to the Sunday Mass. At this stage we can no longer speak of the sanctification of Sundays by the Christians due to excuses and not serious motives.

      21. The so called altar turned against people where the priests faces the people is rightly considered by the great majority of people a protestant altar and it was introduced by Luther. He did not believe in the real presence of Christ, because he formally feared the Lord. He once said: “I wished there was no God!”

      25. In the Ecumenical version of the Bible there were also liberal and Protestant translators. Catholic theologians complained that in this translation there are more than 3,000 errors of translation. Some speak of 10,000 errors. It seemingly appear that the assistance of the Holy Spirit was missing in this case.
      According to the vi s ion of Anna Katherine Emmerich, Christ, after his death, descended not only to pre-hell of the Prophet but also to hell. (In Valtorta too we read the same thing). In the Limbo he showed himself to the Patriarch as Redeemer, but to the damned he made himself felt as the victor.

      32. Here it is understood, those Christians or Catholics, who attempt the reconciliation with the believer of other faiths, by overlooking the truth of Catholic faith. In such manner the truths is destroyed and the Catholic Church is eliminated. This is what the enemies of the Church are aiming at. This situation was known by the stigmatized Anna Emmerich in her visions where she speaks of Catholics, “who are of little value.” What was not achieved since they separated from the true faith in more than 450 years, now they absolutely want it at any cost. They deal with persons of different faiths to impose or constitute a religious Community where all are Catholics or Protestants, or of other sects, having the same rights, the same religious service, and with intercommunal relations above all, etc. They want to do away with celibacy and they refuse to recognize the Pope's Primacy generally recognized till now, and also do away with his infallibility. He should only be a figurehead who has the role of a President.
      Today, because the need of an agreement is most felt, they want to overlook doctrinal differences. But this is a betrayal of Christ.
      There should be no contact with heretics, but return to the true Catholic Church. This is what is wanted by the Lord God!
      To understand the grave reproach that the demon Nero was forced to make by command from on High, one should deal with the division caused by Luther in the church and in himself. Was he truly a re former? Or perhaps a doctor of the Church and a saint, as someone would suggest?


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (11/22)

Other things said by the demons against the Exorcist and regarding other persons

      1. Judas (to Fr. Renz): You are consecrated: it is terrible. I do not take you. You are under the protection of the (Mother of God).

      2. No, you must call me by name!

      3. I know you have been in China, and there you have offended me much. You snatched souls from me! I do not understand you (while he laughs) but I understand you. Very well also in Chinese!

      4. I would poison you so willingly even today, if I could!
      (While Father prays in Chinese language he says: I do not understand you! O, I understand you very well! And answers with the mumbling of a foreign accent.)

Regarding Father Rodewyk
      6. The one of Frankfort has expelled me already several times, but now, he can no longer do it because he is too old.

      7. Referring to the Parish Priest Alt: The one of Ettleben has betrayed me (he made me speak).

      8. To Hein X... Your wife has already talked about me, and she has eaten too many down there. Dr. X... has snatched so many from me (Language indecently abusive) Damian. Your wife, that cursed!

About Gertraud, sister of Analyze
      9. That other one goes down there to Portugal and preaches of that one (the Virgin Mary) and speaks of the apparitions in 1917. No one believes in them nowadays. That one is taking so many from me, the “snotty slut,” that stupid, that cursed. Now, she is soon coming.

About Roswitha, sister of Analyze
      10. Roswitha should not go so often to church, because that is hateful to me, since men are saved with prayers.

      11. Lucifer (referring to Bishop Rodolf Graber of Ratisbon): It is quite a time that Bishop Graber is a thorn in my eye.

      12. About St. Paul (Saul): Saul has persecuted the Christians: but then he has snatched souls from me.

      Lucifer (about the Cure of Ars):       That parish Priest of Ars, against whom we have fought so much, we could have done even more, if we had been free. But we can act only as far as the length of our chains.

      Fr. Arnold (to Lucifer): You are responsible for heresies, for example those of Kung!
      Lucifer: Yes, and we have still more.
      Fr. Arnold: And Bishop Lefebvre?
      Lucifer: Ha, that one! But they do not believe in him. What a pity!
      Fr. Arnold: Who says: what a pity?
      Lucifer: Not I!


      2. Judas cannot hear his name, because by so doing he recalls to mind his shame, which weighs upon him as a traitor of Christ.

      3. The evil spirits can speak every language of men and understand them. They often guess the secret thoughts of men.

      7. With the word “betrayal” Judas means the repeated informations given by the parish priest Alt to his bishop on the demoniac obsession of Analyze.

      11. The demons are above all wild and irritated against all those who feel a great need and desire to save souls.

      Bishop Msgr. Graber knows of the prayers of the atoning souls of his Dioceseor who belongs to it. He appreciates them, as Terese Newman and Ane Schaffer among them. Besides, he has daily prayers said in the adoration monastery at Konnersreuth for the needs of the diocese and of the Church.
      It is good to remember that in 1980, at Regenburg there were eleven new priests consecrated while in the church of Wurzburg only one.
      Naturally, with God's servants, also the Pope is a thorn in the eye for the demons. A proof of this are the shots fired against him on 13th May 1981 in St. Peter's square by an associate of those who for more than a thousand years have the obliteration of the Christians as inscription on their banners and thus they answer with demoniac hatred to Christian charity... And more still, they have the illusion of having the true religion!

      13. The Holy Cure of Ars since the time of his studies had to suffer because of unusual and very strong impediments and difficulties and disturbances from the demons. But he bore everything patiently and with humility, and thus he became one of the most blessed priest.

      14. The French Archbishop Marcel, Lefebvre, was first in North Africa where he did much work and with many fruits.
      In some expressions of the last Council he sees contradiction in Christ's doctrine. And in the changes in the liturgy, he recognizes a departure from tradition and an adaptation to the Protestant cult.
      Besides, since he formed and consecrated priests according to the ancient rite, he drew against himself the opposition of the Modernists, who were able to obtain that all his priestly and episcopal ministry be interdicted. But he did not accept these disciplinary measures.


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (10/22)

Statements of the demons during exorcism,
especially regarding Analyze

      Lucifer, (several times): the pretentious one is obsessed. This is our work. She cannot take any examination. I'll take care of it.
      I have enough with this snotty girl. I have tormented her long enough, at least for six years. I have tormented her so much that she has cracked.
      I do not get out of her, not even if you move a thousand times your paw (he intended to say to Fr. Renz that he would not come out even though he gave him a thousand blessings). The snotty girl is cursed. I will not let her free. I will not get out alone. And we are so many inside her!

      Judas: The other one who was on the cross near him, on the left side, is hiding himself within her too.
      Exorcist: Tell his name!
      Judas: I will not do it. Both, of us, in fact, are damned. And I will not get out alone.
      Exorcist: What is stronger, you or the Crucifix?
      Judas: Then I go into something else, there are still many here.
      Fight among the demons: no one wants to get out. “That other one who hides within her, not even he wishes to get out, hence I too do not want to quit. You get out! “I, will not,” and thus we go on fighting.
      This one (Analyze) has in fact read Schippach, of Barbara Weigand and she also went to Schippach, this cursed snotty slut, this dirty wicked woman and also this individual, who is before me (the exorcist.)
      This snotty girl cannot take any examination, I know that too. The cursed slut is obsessed and this is the result of our work. (A new discussion about getting out of her) No one wants to get out first. They insult one another with dirty words like sow, etc.) We have taken her: we will not go out!
      I have to get out soon: yes, but there are still many inside her, to give you trouble (to the Exorcist.)
      Exorcist: are you seven?
      Judas: no, six!

      Lucifer: I want the full possession of the snotty slut, in whom I have already lived for quite a time. I want to posses her, only for myself. The dirty water of San Damian and the snotty slut drinks it all the day: filthy! But today no one believes in it! The snotty slut, this cursed witch does also mumble a lot (recites the rosary).
      We are going to torment her for a time still, this cursed slut.
      The one who has sold (Judas) should be the first to leave. Oh, she did not hung herself! It was that other (the Virgin Mary) who prevented her from doing so, in fact, she is under her protection!
      She was cursed since the beginning. She was cursed before birth!
      The snotty slut is ours! You have to pray much more. By order of that one (Virgin Mary) they should still recite... (Rosary) or else, we cannot come out. This affair will last at least for half a year still. By order of that lady, people should fast.

      Lucifer: (There is still quarreling among the devils for the problem of getting out of Analyze)
      The other one of that village, where the curse took place, was an envious woman: that woman of your mother's village.

      Lucifer: I have to say everything. Therefore the snotty slut has to pay for it.
      Exorcist: You have to get out of her!
      Lucifer: I don't want it yet, because I have to say many things still!

      Judas: No, we do not get out! (Language indecently abusive) and even if you recite that thing (exorcism) a thousand times, we will not get out!
      Yes, yes, I have cursed her: in fact I am still inside her. I will stay still for some time within her. She belongs to the one below; I have cursed her. I remain inside her for some more time still. The cursed woman! It did it! (Judas).

      Father Rodewyk (to Judas): Now you too can get away. Analyze, by now, cannot stand any more, physically as well.

      Judas: She must bear a little longer still because she was cursed and because he (the guardian angel) is near her, or else she would already have hanged herself!

      Lucifer (to Father Alt): In fact, the snotty slut was cursed. She belongs to us. The one from... cursed her. She is no longer alive.
      Exorcist: Is she down with you?
      Lucifer: No! The snotty slut, yes, she belongs to us, she is ours, we have pinched her.

      Judas: First, let us torment the woman still!
      Exorcist: How long still?
      Judas: when I have said everything, then I will get out.

      Nero: The snotty slut was cursed by a woman. I will come out soon, there are many of the kind of the snotty slut.

      The guardian angel of the snotty slut is here. Before I leave, I will tell: we are six. Three belong to the First Reich: Cain, Judas and Nero , and three to the Third Reich. “Hail Hitler!”

      Lucifer: The snotty slut blurt out everything! Now she also receives suggestions from that one (Virgin Mary).
      Of the kind of the snotty slut there are still so many. They were taken to the neurotic clinics. The one from... (Mrs. N...) is not crazy! She exaggerate, yes, but crazy, no! He (The Savior) allows this, yes, but the snotty slut is saving many souls with this. (Lucifer repeats this): We are five (in addition to him): Judas, Nero, Cain, Hitler.

      Lucifer: I will deal with the snotty slut until she cracks. She can not even realize this, because we have stopped it from above. That she faints continuously, is our doing too.
      Exorcist: Why do you treat Analyze this way?
      Lucifer: Because we have to leave her soon, so the pigs (people) believed at once. I had the permission. We have to come out this month.
      I am crouched inside her, because she was cursed by a woman of... The Lady... It was really she who ordered it for me to do it!
      It happened in 1951! Because she was a resentful woman. Yes we have perverted her. The snotty slut was often in bed and sick. We, have done this too.
      We are the cause of many illnesses!
      But this no one sees it now. Pray for the sick! Set one's own life according to Him... (Christ): then nothing can get lost! During the examination I have confused her. We tired her out. We are so interested in possessing her!

      Lucifer: We will get out in the month of that one (Virgin Mary), her... (Month of Mary, October). Judas Iscariot will be the first to leave. Then the others will follow him. I will be the last to leave, in October. We shall all leave in October and we shall go somewhere else. In Lohr (neurologic clinic) there are more of us hidden there. There, one goes neither foreword not backward. I would be much happier if I had the snotty slut there, at Lohr. With this it will be shown the power we have, and what power we have on the intellect and on the will of man.
      The snotty slut (Analyze) has never spoken of it even though it seemed so (during her crisis).
      In her examination to qualify for the university she wrote almost nothing. During the examination of German language we have blown in her ears for hours telling her that she was damned. The first manifestation was in the 10th class. Judas did it. We were the cause of all her ailments. She got them all from us: tuberculosis, the infection on her head, the sickness in her throat. We have continuously caused them to the end. We did not bring her to suicide. To be among the damned, this was our most wicked intent, the worst for her. With this you can fancy what a power we have on the intellect and on the will of man. We have suggested to her that He (The Savior) said that she was damned. The last day of October we shall leave her all of a sudden. And how pleased you will be! You have the power of expelling us. The great majority do not make use of it. And these are those who are most dear to me.
      The cursed slut will again be able to take her examinations. She knows nothing, because she has not put anything in her head. But that one, up there, wishes her to take her exams! The one who cursed the 'snotty slut' is a lady... She is not damned and has fooled us. I wished her to be with us so willingly! However, unfortunately, unfortunately, what a pity, I have to leave soon. The snotty slut continues saying everything.
      Do you know why she was not brought to the clinic? Because, through her, everything should have been revealed, so that the bishop would be able to know everything.

      Lucifer: We shall soon leave her. The one up there is expelling us. We are damned eternally. We also want to go up there. We do not want to go out. We shall still torment the snotty slut. She is under the protection of that one up there (The Virgin Mary). On 31st October 1975, at night, we shall leave her. They have to be here!

      Fleischmann: Today we are six, one more, a damned priest. On the 31st October I have to leave. You will have a sign next time. I have not the duty to give it. The woman... has cursed her. Now she is crushed, down at the bottom. She has to pray for that woman. The cursed slut has to give us her soul, but we, however, we have not brought her to this point. She goes too often to the church. She has followed the Nazarene. But we will make things difficult for her. Those too have prayed too much. Grandmother brought her to church. She was six years old. Grandmother has pulled her down her bed almost everyday.
      I am within her since the beginning. The others came afterwards. There are quite a number of people who curse other people... Then we enter once more.
      The nephew of the chaplain Roth died. He too is high above and continues to look down and the snotty slut knows it well. Sigfred is in heaven. We too could be there... We monkeys! He has already come to visit the snotty slut. He is twenty of age. Barbara Weigand and his mother (Oma Michel) is here too. Martha, Analyze's sister, is here as well. They are all together. We have to get out soon, on 31-10-75.

      Lucifer: the snotty slut has never been separated from the Church (never in mortal sin). This is inconceivable!

      Fleischmann: I have a message for the one who has cursed the snotty slut. You have to pray for her. She is down there, in the deepest purgatory.

      Lucifer: I will strangle the 'snotty slut,' I will do that next summer. The dirty slut has begun to notice that we do not give her respite. Do you think that we shall vanish? Yes, I will come out. That's why we can still torment people.

      Cain: Burn (he is crying).
      Exorcist: Why do you not come out?
      Demons: Because down there, it is even worse. Hitler must come out first. I will not come out. At 10 (night time) we shall come out neither before or after!

      Present: The Mother of God, Barbara Weigand, Sigfred, Brother Conrad of Altoting, St. Joseph, the Guardian Angel.

      They come out revealing their own name and revealing the reason for their damnation: Fleishmann, Hitler, Cain, Nero, Judas, Lucifer, the unnamed of the Third Reich with two partners, an unnamed woman with other four women.

      Judas: We shall not go out: our business will take some time more. We have just deceived you. We will not get out. Today the dirty slut went to church. She should not go to church. Stop with that thing (language indecently abusive) pointing to the exorcist). After all, it is useless. We should not come out as yet. We are going to torment the snotty slut for some time more. She does not know anything, and cannot take the examinations. Last Friday, we have exhausted the “snotty slut,” If the dirty slut still go to church, that woman, who was cursed, then we shall roar. We should, simply, not come out of her yet.

      Judas: I am eternally damned. I am here again, ready for some time. Do not call me always by name!
      Present: Lucifer, Cain, Hitler, Judas, Nero, Fleishmann etc. a total of ten devils.
      “By order of the High Dame: be patient!"

      At the order of the Exorcist to come out...
      Judas: No, not yet!, we shall not go out yet.
      Judas exacts much more, let Sigfred leave.
      Judas: Do not call me always by name! Because I get angry.

      He rages again because Analyze goes to church, and because frequent communion was introduced by Pope Pius X.

      Judas: The filthy slut went again to church today. We hate this!
      Exorcist: Do those who do not go to church please you?
      Judas: If they knew what is in store for them by so doing!
      Exorcist: Could you tell us something on this matter?
      Judas: I am not so stupid! But it will fair them extremely bad.

      Present: The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, Sigfred, Terese Newman, Father Giordano, Pope Pius X, grandmother and other ancestors, the Guardian Angel and the Archangel Gabriel.

      Judas: Hurry up, one cannot stand any longer! But we too are here very many. The affair will last for some time still, before getting out.

      Lucifer: If that one goes once more (to Communion,) I break her into pieces. I will spit out that “thing” (the host). And to make it worst she also kneels down, that stupid sow!

      Judas: I won't get out. The reason: because we are not compelled to do it. This affair will go on still for sometime, not for a long time, however.
      Exorcist: How many are you?
      Judas: This is not your business (language indecently abusive).
      Exorcist: Tell your name!
      Judas: I have no name!
      Exorcist: “Judas!”

      Exorcist: Where is Fleischmann?
      Judas: He is away but he may still come back ... And there are still many more here, and you know absolutely nothing. We too want to go up there (in heaven). We are damned, eternally! Out! Out! We wish to come out of the snotty slut. We cannot bear staying in her any longer. That filthy slut stays the whole day in the church. We are damned! Damned!
      Exorcist: Then come out!
      Judas: We cannot, because He does not allow us. The one up there! That one does not want! He wants us to remain still sometime... We want to get out from that one, who goes to Communion, and she goes everyday! We cannot bear this!
      We wish to come out, out, out! And she even kneels down. We wish to come out, but the one up there does not allow us!

      Exorcist: Why does He not allow you?
      Judas: Ha! Because, ha! Because? We wish to come out, out, out! Stop praying! We are damned, damned, damned! We want to come out, we damned, damned! (In the word damned, registered on the tape, we hear a dreadful emphasis, as well as on the word eternity).
      Do you know what that one knew at the examination! This is inconceivable! She deserve a mark of three. She will infallibly pass the next examination. It is He, up there, who has permitted it, thus the exorcism takes place (Language indecently abusive).

      Exorcist: if you recite a Hail Mary, hell will shake and the demons flee.
      Judas: Yes this is true!

      Exorcist: Why can you not come out?
      Judas: We do not know the reason! We have taken the robber at the left side.

      Judas: It should be still possible to make a confession. We are all here, including the parish priest. I am Judas Iscariot.

      Judas: We cannot torment those who receive a place in heaven. In this century there will be as many saints as never before. However, many come to us too, and people do not believe this! Everybody thinks that they are okay and provide every comfort for themselves. Are they really all so stupid? O, if they knew!... But then it will be too late! Then there will be no return! The “dirty slut,” that cursed one, that stupid sow... (And other similar insults).

      Exorcist: Is she not doing what you wish?
      Judas: No! But sometimes yes. All do this as well as those who will take their place above there. He permits it, so that they do not become proud. Why should I say this? It is also written in the Scriptures.
      Exorcist: Should you cooperate to foster the love of God?
      Judas: Yes, so it is! And this is the most frightful thing.
      Exorcist: Why do you remain still here so long?
      Judas: To work in the “dirty slut.” I will break her totally.
      Exorcist: Go to the desert!
      Judas: This is an expression not too bad! Damned! Damned!

      Exorcist: why don't you go away?
      Judas: We cannot!

      Judas: Next week, the “dirty slut” will not eat. She has to fast, that “stupid slut!” We want to torment her still, and it is also useful to fast. After all, she will not die of starvation! For the exams she can eat. But she knows really nothing, really nothing! This last week she has learned absolutely nothing, really nothing! If she had our advise, she should not have studied. We have always worked against her, we have always been present. But the One above does it, he does it step by step.
      O, if someone is under our power, then that one will dance like us, we play music, just as the “dirty slut” should dance. If we wish, we can! She cannot do otherwise, she must do it, even if she does not want a thousand times, she must do it all the same, because she is a human being. I have accomplices.
      Exorcist: Who usually help you most, and more often?
      Judas: I jump to your face!
      Exorcist: And what profit do you draw in tormenting Analyze?
      Judas: It is our amusement! There is only wickedness and torment within us. We wish to come out!
      Exorcist: Then get out! If you wish it!
      Judas: It is useless, we have lost her! O, terror! She cannot guess it! Yes, here too a fire is burning, but worse, much wars (in hell.)
      Exorcist: Do you like carnival? (Mardigras)
      Judas: Yes, we love it.

      While the Father was imposing a scapular on Analyze and commanded the evil spirits to leave her at once,
      Judas: answered: We cannot, so soon, still not so soon. It will be in summer.

      Judas: (Judas tells to the Exorcist): We are damned! Your mother, is now, out of Purgatory and we are crushed down there. You (a burst of language indecently abusive), you are all like that one.
      Exorcist: You have to leave!
      Judas: We cannot! Only when the High Dame and He (Savior) want it. It will not be too long from now!
      Exorcist: Do you know when you have to leave?
      Judas: Yes! High Dame!
      Exorcist: Who said that we should still continue?
      Judas: That one! (Through Analyze pointing at the statue of the Virgin Mary).
      Exorcist: Then we must continue. The Most Holy Virgin Mary commands it to you.
      Judas: I say nothing! No, no! Shame! I am Judas, I say nothing! The room of the snotty slut is almost destroyed by the fire. Do not be so impertinent! I have blown (fire in the room). That was a nice amusement! The stupid sow, that one should not have blessed candles burning always. Unfortunately she got a bit dirty with soot.
      Exorcist: Who has helped? If not the whole omnipotence from above?

      Exorcist: Who are you?
      Judas: We are damned, you... (Language indecently abusive)
      Exorcist: Why do you get so angry if we show to you the statue of St. Michael Archangel?
      Judas: Because I like to do so. I can't stand him. Out, out, out you rapacious!

      Exorcist: You ought to let Analyze go to Communion.
      Judas: No!
      Exorcist: Did you understand?
      Judas: Yes!

      Judas: we wish to get out.
      Exorcist: Then why do you not get out?
      Judas: We wish to get out of hell and from that one (Analyze), out of both of them.

      Juda s : We are damned, damned, damned! We want to get out!
      Exorcist: Why are you damned? Why have you kissed the Lord?
      Judas: Because I fell into despair!
      Exorcist: You cannot stay here long!
      Judas: If you know so well, there is no need for me to say more!
      Exorcist: Will it be within this week?
      Judas: No, I should not tell it!
      Exorcist: When can Analyze go to Communion?
      Judas: That snotty girl cannot go, only the One who was crucified on the cross will allow her to go to Communion. During Mardigras (carnival) we are set free.
      Judas: We still have to deal with the snotty slut (language indecently abusive dirty words), do you understand? Yes, tonight I will torment her as she deserves!
      Exorcist: I forbid you to do so!
      Judas: No, because I will trample upon that stupid sow. She had no peace for the whole night! It is Mardigras (Carnival) and then the High Dame needs reparation and substitution for the others who will dance with me the whole night. Yes, I am after her....
      Exorcist: She is under the protection of the Virgin Mary.
      Judas: Yes, but she is a person. She will not make noise externally, the thing could go also otherwise...
      Exorcist: Who are you?
      Judas: We are damned, we are damned!

      From 29th Feb. 1976. No answer!


Satan's Answers to the exorcist by Gaspare Bullinger (9/22)

One unnamed of the Third Reich

      I have never told my name. I too am one of the Third Reich. There are still other two.


      A nameless of the Third Reich wants to tell us that Hitler is not the only one damned of the Third Reich. A great number of people have cooperated with him preparing the fulfillment of his plans, with the persecution of the Church, of the Jews, the destruction of multitudes of people in the concentration camps and deportations etc. With this, one does not absolutely affirm that all his partners of the past ended down there with him.